Effective Marketing Tactics to Sell More this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day spending this year is projected to be an estimated to be at an all-time high of $18.9 billion. About 55% of adults between ages 18-44 will celebrate Valentine’s Day by buying extravagant gifts or dining out. Guys shell out an average of $191 while women spend only about half of that suggesting that chivalry is not dead. Just because you do not own a floral shop, restaurant, spa or candy store does not mean you cannot capitalize on this huge retail holiday. Below are some marketing ideas to help you win your customers’ hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Blog about Engagement Ideas

Although proposing on Valentine’s Day may sound cheesy to some, an astounding six million couples will get engaged this lovey-dovey holiday. That means that there are a lot of guys trying to figure out the most creative way to pop the question. If your business provides anything that be remotely related to weddings like event planning, photography, jewelry or fine dining, you may want to blog about creative engagement ideas to engage your prospects. Content will always be king so relevant, interesting and unique content is a timeless marketing strategy that never fails.

Valentine’s Day Email Newsletter

According to Convince & Convert, 44% of email recipients bought something based on a promotional email so if your company has not started email marketing, now is the time to start building your subscriber list. Furthermore, 64% of subscribers open an email because of an intriguing subject line and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to send out personalized, themed newsletters. To more effectively convert your readers, you can offer free gift-wrapping, priority shipping for last-minute shoppers and discounts on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Suggest Gift Ideas on Social Media

Even if you do not sell popular Valentine’s Day gifts like candy, flowers or jewelry, you can still creatively advertise your products and services as the perfect solution to fulfill your target market’s needs. My boyfriend bought a Neato robot vacuum last year, which has eliminated our arguments about cleaning. Post and tag your gift ideas on social media to increase followers and engagement.

Run a Social Media Photo Contest

If you have a decent following on say Facebook or Instagram, you may want to run a photo contest and have your followers upload photos of how they celebrated Valentine’s Day. You can offer a small discount or free gift to all the participants so that everyone wins. This increases social media engagement and presence which will also help your website rank organically on Google for specific search terms.

Pop-up Subscription Box

I have a love-hate relationship with popup subscription boxes because they are annoying but occasionally effective at increasing subscribers and generating leads. If you are looking to increase your subscriber list for an email marketing push, you can create a Valentine’s Day popup offering a discount in exchange for your visitor’s email.

Promote a Valentine’s Day Flash Sale

A flash sale is a huge discount or promotion offered by an ecommerce store for a short time. You can drive more visitors to your website by advertising your Valentine’s Day flash sale to your email marketing subscribers and social media followers. You can use this opportunity to get rid of excess inventory or sell bundles.

One-Click Ordering

One-click ordering makes it faster and easier for your customers to place orders by storing their billing and shipping information so that when they click “Buy Now” they will be automatically charged. One-click ordering can dramatically improve user experience and online revenues.

Hurry, Before It’s Too Late

Valentine’s day is coming very soon so contact us if you need help implementing any of these web marketing ideas.

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