SEO Basics You Cannot Afford to Ignore

In days past, it was common for companies to buy up billboards and plaster their name on every television screen to get their products viewed. While this is still done to an effect, what has become more prominent is the Internet advertising method, where people who are already searching for a product like yours can be found. SEO pays off—here’s how you can do it.

On-Page Optimization

If you want customers to find your page and stay on it, you need to optimize the pages they find. Optimization can mean a variety of different things, but often it refers to creating engaging content the users want to read. This will lower your website’s bounce rate (the amount of time a customer spends on your website before immediately leaving), and thus, help you rank higher.

Develop content that people want to read. Keep it straight and to the point. Add other articles as backlinks to help your users get the information that they need. Use pictures to tell your story rather than just words.


Identifying Keywords

Another important way to bring your website to the top of the search page is by identifying the right keywords and using them in your articles. Identifying keywords to focus on will drive the rest of your SEO efforts. A keyword can be anything that relates to your product, something that is near it, or the word itself.

Once you have identified a list of keywords that have high traffic and low competition (if it is a must for your business, use a high or medium competitive keyword) then incorporate them into some of your content. Don’t rely on one or two keywords, get creative and diversify your reach.


Steady & Unique Content Stream

Last but not least, Google and other search engines prioritize websites that have a consistent flow of content. If you have a blog that you post on weekly or bi-monthly, you’ll be more likely to extend your reach to new customers. Think about creating a publishing calendar where you spend time researching a piece of content, and then write a short article about it.


It may be worth it to hire a writer to do this for you. Some companies will loan you writers who can provide a package of articles for a premium price. Could be worth it if you don’t like writing.

As you can see, SEO helps you get found in Google. On the first page alone, the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks. Don’t get hung up on old advertising practices like brochures or billboards. Please contact our San Francisco SEO team if you need help optimizing your website to attract more of your target audience.

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