Powerful Reasons to Outsource your Web Maintenance

Can you imagine spending over $100,000 for a Tesla and not changing the oil, checking tire pressure or rotating your tires? Of course not! Unfortunately, that is usually the case with most small business websites. Car maintenance like web maintenance allows the experts to keep everything in working order.

WordPress gives you just enough control to be dangerous which is why we remove most websites from our portfolio within a year of launch. Clients often use the WYSIWYG editor to make updates and soon, their website becomes riddled with broken images, garbage code, and inconsistent formatting. Worse yet, sometimes updating plugins or WordPress breaks their website altogether. Below are some compelling reasons to contract out your web maintenance rather than staffing internally or doing it yourself.

Minimize Costs

Paying $100 – $200 per hour is not such a bad deal if you are paying for only what you consume. In addition, you do not have to bear the overhead of a full-time employee when there is no work. The cost of having a web resource at your beckon call can be more affordable than you think.

Time Efficient

Experienced web developers can complete your tasks in a fraction of the time it takes one of your staff members. Why burden one of your employees with web maintenance when you can have access to an entire team of web designers and developers for a low monthly cost? Having built and maintained WordPress websites for the past decade means that we know the quickest and best way to do things.

Leverage Expertise

We always keep abreast of new website trends and technologies to keep your website looking fresh and modern. Outsourcing web maintenance allows you to focus on what you do best.

Secure your Website

Without regular updates your website is vulnerable to attacks and viruses. Outsourcing security saves you time and gives you peace of mind. Hackers target WordPress because it is open source (security patches are published to the public) and very popular. Because most clients just click “update” rather than creating a beta version and checking compatibility, WordPress websites can be inadvertently broken. We use a variety of tools and services to monitor and scan your website like Sucuri to ensure the highest level of protection possible.

Better SEO

Google loves fresh, unique content so regular web maintenance and new content can significantly improve your search engine rankings and generate more leads. High conversion and less traffic means that you may need to optimize your website with SEO and write more relevant content to attract more people.

Improve Conversion

Having a WordPress developer maintain your website to keep it pristine as the day you launched it translates into a better user experience and thus improves your conversion. Lots of traffic with few conversions indicates that your website is not working properly or that there is some kind of disconnect between your website messaging and what is bringing people there.

In Conclusion

The days of creating a website and forgetting about it are over. Regular content refreshes and security updates by an expert web team can keep your website performing as well as a well-oiled machine. Functionality problems can be as detrimental to your company as a brake failure is to your car. Contact us today for web maintenance.

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