Google Now Requires Websites to be Mobile-Friendly

Google has recently announced that having a mobile-friendly website will be used as one of the factors to determine your website rankings. This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will start slipping from search results at least when searches are originating from mobile devices. How fast this happens depends on how your competition reacts. If you do not have a responsive (mobile-friendly) website yet, now is the time to convert. It will take some time for Google to update their search results so you do have some leeway. If you are unsure, you can check your website with Google’s mobile-friendly test. Furthermore, websites that meet Google’s mobile-friendly requirements will be tagged as “mobile-friendly” directly in the search results.

To the website owners who think that Google is being a pain for doing this, having a responsive website will create a better user experience for mobile users which will convert more leads and ultimately translate into more sales for you. Mobile traffic has officially exceeded traditional laptop and desktop traffic as of 2014 so you can no longer afford to ignore mobile users if you want your business to survive in the future. Read more about why your website needs responsive web design.

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