How to Make your Business Thrive through Coronavirus

For the past month, Americans have been facing a very serious pandemic called the Cornoavirus. People started hoarding food, toilet paper and cleaning supplies leaving grocery store shelves completely empty. Restaurants and other non-essential businesses have been closed down and anyone who can work from home had to to keep their jobs. But all of this will get better. How do we know? Just look at China. It went from having thousands of new cases everyday to now to just a few. So how can your business pull through and come out ahead later this year when all of this is over?

Invest in Your Website

With everyone at home under the “Shelter in place” order, and on the internet 24/7, we cannot stress enough that this is definitely not the time to cut back on your digital marketing. In fact now is the time to time to go all out. The worse off the market is, the more profits you stand to make. Just like Baron Rothschild’s saying about the stock market “buy when there is blood on the streets,” now is the perfect time to invest in your business. When everyone is scaling back out of fear and uncertainty, your marketing dollars will stretch further.

SEO the %$#@ Out of Your Website

If your website cannot be found in search results for your local industry keywords, now is the time to fix all of that. After the Coronavirus and trust me, all of this will pass and everyone will get their jobs back, you want your business to be setup for success by having it rank for local search results. Plus, SEO takes a while to ramp up and there is no better time to start than today. It will be much easier to get to the first page for your keywords now that some companies are scaling back marketing and SEO efforts out of fear, uncertainty and panic.

Donate If You Can

If your company provides delivery services, nonperishable food items, cleaning supplies or medical supplies and you can help out the public in any way then you should do so as you will get plenty of positive press and media out of it which is better than any advertising you can buy.

Give a Special Offer

With the Coronavirus shutting down restaurants and stores everywhere, you can offer deals and discounts to help consumers and other businesses financially. You could offer free takeout meals to healthcare workers, discounts for school supplies to parents of homeschoolers or just discounts on your products or services in general to alleviate the financial pressure of this pandemic.

Connect on Social Media

We are all in this together so reach out to your customers and humanize your brand. You can host virtual meetups, swap Coronavirus stories with your followers or post “how to” videos about your industry. There are many ways to stay connected with your customers during this crisis while remaining safe and healthy. Remember that social distancing does not mean social isolation.

Wrapping it All Up

If you are feeling the financial strain right now, not to worry, our San Francisco design and development team is accustomed to working with small businesses on tight budgets. Contact us today to ramp up your website marketing. We are still conducting business as usual.

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