Kick-Ass Secrets to Convert More Traffic into Sales

A website conversion means getting your visitors to do what you want them to do, whether that is to subscribe to your newsletter, register for a webinar, complete your contact form or buy your products. An average conversion rate is about 1-3% but it really varies greatly based on your industry and prices. Obviously, it is much easier to sell a $1 item than it is to sell a $1,000 item.

Generating web traffic is just half the battle to success. If you are not converting enough of your visitors into actual sales, then it is time to rethink your website marketing strategy. There can be many reasons for low conversion including undefined goals, cluttered web pages, and incredibility just to name a few. Below are some tips on how to improve your website conversion rates.

Clean and Organized Homepage

The biggest mistake most clients make is cramming absolutely everything and anything onto their homepage. Your homepage is an introduction or table of contents for your website to intrigue users to drill down to your other pages, not a dumping ground of information. Just like you don’t reveal everything on a first date; you don’t want to overwhelm your users on your homepage. Remember that white space is your friend and keep your content organized with a grid layout.

Clear Click Paths

In order to maximize conversion, you need to overtly guide your visitors where to navigate. Every page needs to have a call-to-action so users know what to do after they finish reading that page. On the contrary, if there are too many places to click, you might lose the sale in the process. Clear click paths help them maintain laser sharp focus and don’t prematurely exit your website.

Be Helpful and Informative

If you write content that is helpful and informative to your target market, Google will not only rank your website better but your visitors will eventually buy from you because we naturally prefer to work with people who help us out. Instead of just pushing people to call and buy from you, fresh and relevant content will help you close more sales. In addition, write in terms that your users understand and avoid industry jargon and buzzword babble.

Professional Videos

Short 60-90 second professional videos will always be more convincing and personable than just text and images. The key here is to hire a professional videographer because an amateur will make your company look amateur. If you run out of things to say, try incorporating some customer testimonials to increase your company’s credibility. Anyone can write great things about themselves on their website but video testimonials of real clients are far more convincing.

Fast-Loading and Uncluttered Website

For every second longer, you make your visitors wait, there is a 7% decrease in conversion rate. Just like your homepage, it is crucial to keep your content and website design uncluttered because less is more. That is why hiring a great web design and development firm with a stellar portfolio is so important. Sure you can get away with a pre-made WordPress theme but they are very generic and load much slower than a custom WordPress website built from the ground-up specifically for your target market.

Embrace Social Media

Social media not only impacts website rankings but it is also an excellent channel to use when it comes to sharing and driving traffic to your content. Posting videos in your social media profiles can force your followers to stay longer making them more likely to clickthrough to your website. Uploading images for cover photos on LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, and Google+ helps to dramatically improve conversions and also having more unique photo posts on Facebook that showcase your brand and culture resulted in over a 1000% increase in clicks.

Go Responsive or Go Home

Responsive web design (RWD) means optimizing and adjusting your website for mobile devices to enable easy viewing and navigation with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling. A responsive website greatly improves your user experience and which ultimately translates into more prospects and customers.

Incorporate Search

If your website is information dense, it is risky to leave users to scour everything to find what they want. Implement search in your website so visitors can quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

In Conclusion

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