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Why Do WordPress Theme Customizations Cost So Much?

If you just want to create an informational website to generate leads or you need to sell a few products online using a simple shopping cart, customizing a stock theme could save you time and budget. We often get requests to modify an off-the-shelf WordPress theme where we have charged $2,000 – $5,000+. If a premade theme only costs $50-$100 and the website is seemingly built, why is it so expensive to insert some content?

9 Critical Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Website

Designing a new website can be exciting and daunting at the same time. This is the perfect time to define your target market, content architecture, key performance indicators and functionality requirements to determine what your website needs to do, why it exists and for whom it should engage. Simply making your website pretty cannot accomplish this. You need to have a strong understanding of the business to create a website that supports its goals. An effective website not only looks aesthetically appropriate for your target audience but is also user-friendly and is intuitive. To build a successful website, you must answer some key questions before looking for a web design and development firm.

How to Create a Successful ECommerce Website

Building and maintaining a wildly successful eCommerce website is no small feat. The vast majority of eCommerce websites fail because of a lack of investment, too much competition, a lack of traffic, poor website design or giving up too soon. Creating a kick-ass eCommerce website requires a deep understanding of human psychology and testing your website repeatedly to ensure user-friendliness. Here, we will discuss some tips to help you build a more thriving online business. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Are these Web Design Blunders Killing your Conversion Rate?

Everyday new clients ask us what they are doing wrong and how they can improve their websites to generate more leads. Oftentimes, we see the same mistakes over and over again due to companies trying to do too much with their websites. Keep in mind that a website is not created to show off the skills of a web designer or to appeal to the website owner but rather designed to solve specific problems that the website’s target market faces. Here, we will outline the most common web design mistakes and ways to avoid them to convert more of your visitors into customers.

How I Got Started as a Web Designer

After working for two and a half years as an auditor at BDO Dunwoody in Vancouver, Canada, I got laid off. I really hated my job there and at 25, I was already thinking of retirement. I thought that this was a sign and it was a perfect way to change my career and look for my true passion. I had taken a few graphic design courses in highschool and I remembered really enjoying them. Back then, it was Photoshop 4.0 which perhaps really dates me.

The Hottest Web Design Trends You Need to Know for 2017

Now that we are almost a quarter of the way through 2017, you might be wondering what web design trends will play out in the rest of the year. The web design industry is constantly evolving and we always try to stay on top of things to provide richer user experiences that continue to push the limits. Read on to find out what’s hot for this year.

Check Our New Website Design!

After months of web design and development, we finally have a new website! We thought that this launch would have come much sooner but we are our own worse critic as nothing was ever good enough. In addition, whenever we were busy, we always put our own website on the back-burner as we always prioritized client projects first.

Effective Marketing Tactics to Sell More this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day spending this year is projected to be an estimated to be at an all-time high of $18.9 billion. About 55% of adults between ages 18-44 will celebrate Valentine’s Day by buying extravagant gifts or dining out. Guys shell out an average of $191 while women spend only about half of that suggesting that chivalry is not dead. Just because you do not own a floral shop, restaurant, spa or candy store does not mean you cannot capitalize on this huge retail holiday. Below are some marketing ideas to help you win your customers’ hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Boost Traffic in 2017 with these Top SEO Strategies

96% of users click on organic search results rather ads which is why being on page one of Google for your specific keywords is vital to your business. However, even if you are on the first page currently you still need to keep up with SEO to maintain your rankings and survive digital marketing. SEO continues to change at warp speed. Some people even say SEO is dead because they cannot keep up. Google constantly improves their algorithm to better predict browsing behavior and expectations so here are some SEO strategies for 2017.

How to Engage and Convert your Mobile Traffic

Even with Google’s Mobilegeddon update last year threatening to bury mobile-unfriendly websites in search results, the overwhelming majority of companies still have not adopted responsive web design or a mobile website. This is especially true for larger websites at the top because responsive web design is more complex to implement. With mobile searches having surpassed laptop searches in 2014, your website is loosing a lot of business if it is not engaging smartphone and tablet users. Below is a list of tips to increase mobile revenues.