Beyond the Box Nutrition

An Engaging Nutrition Consulting Website that Fosters Better Health

Legal Web Design

Our Client & Challenge

Gwen first approached us about a new WordPress website to better target successful women who are serious about furthering their fitness and nutrition goals with one-on-one coaching. We provided copywriting and redesigned their website to better convert highly motivated individuals wanting to improve their health and eating habits. We also researched good search terms to optimize and incorporate into their website to drive higher quality traffic. After 2 short months of SEO, they are now ranked on the first page of Google for “Chicago nutrition consulting,” Chicago nutrition for athletes”, “Chicago weight loss consulting,” “Chicago nutrition coach,” and “Chicago health coach.” Since launch we have successfully increased their leads by 41%.

Website Features

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

A Lead Magnet to Attract Prospects

We implemented a downloadable lead magnet with 15 healthy recipes to collect contact information of prospective clients to nurture them with email marketing until they are ready to purchase. Within 24 hours of the website being launched, they already had lead magnet downloads!

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

Contemporary Line Icons that Elevate their Brand

We created some custom line icons to support their website content where the client was not able to provide visuals. We also softened their branding colors to create a more modern look and feel.