Bikram Yoga San Jose

A Modern Bikram Yoga Website that Motivates and Energizes

Legal Web Design

Our Client & Challenge

COVID took a huge toll on businesses like Bikram Yoga San Jose. Thus, when they finally opened back up creating mobile-friendly, professional website was more important than ever to make up for lost revenues. In a few short months, we relaunched a new WordPress website that was easier to navigate, fast-loading and focused on driving more patron signups.

Website Features

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

A Homepage that Entices New Signups

We designed a simple and exciting new homepage that not only drives more conversions and leads but exudes the essence of hot yoga.

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

A Video Library with Interactive Carousels

We created a video library sorted by popular playlists that leaves you yearning for more. The subscribe feature automatically subscribes new visitors to Bikram Yoga San Jose’s YouTube channel without them every having to leave the website.