Book Bank USA

A Multilingual Website for a Non-Profit that Donates Books to Developing Countries

Legal Web Design

Our Client & Challenge

Book Bank USA has been donating books to libraries, community centers and schools in developing countries since 1966. Their old website and logo design was outdated and cumbersome to navigate especially on mobile devices. We redesigned their website to be mobile-friendly and easy to update with a drag-and-drop editor. We reorganized all content to be accessible with one click. Finally, we added more engaging features like current projects with animated donation progress sliders and condensed 52 years of past projects with toggle functionality. Due to the success of the non-profit, we subsequently added custom Spanish translation to the entire website.

Website Features

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

Engaging Feature Projects

Current projects are showcased on the homepage and “current projects” with their own blurb, animated donations progress slider and details page with gallery allowing visitors to make either a one-time donation or a monthly recurring donation online.

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

Scannable & Well-Organized Past Projects

The old website buried past projects under many clicks and thus, was rarely viewed. As a result, we reorganized 96 pages of past projects by segmenting them into 5-year intervals and adding toggle functionality to facilitate interaction and make this extremely content heavy section scannable.

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

Highly Convertible Newsletter Subscription

To drive more traffic and awareness, we implemented a MailChimp newsletter subscription form so that the client could regularly keep in touch with their visitors to encourage donations.