A Responsive Website for a Medical Device Company

Legal Web Design

Our Client & Challenge

Embolx develops microcatheters for arterial embolization procedures to treat cancerous tumors, benign prostatic hyperplasia and uterine fibroids. We created their responsive WordPress website in collaboration with LG Marketing, a San Jose marketing firm, who provided us with some rough wireframes and mockups. We used full-width images, super clickable call-to-action buttons and a bold color palette to inject creativity into their website design while keeping inline with their extremely conservative branding guidelines. With Network Solution’s server going down just before their scheduled launch date and PHP memory issues, this job was not without it’s challenges. Nevertheless, we developed and launched the site in under two weeks, just in time for their press release. To keep the site looking consistent and pristine, we are currently maintaining this website.

Website Features

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

Easily Scannable & Updatable News

Research says that only 20% of visitors read past headlines so creating a mobile-friendly, scannable and up-to-date news section was paramount. We accomplished this by using their branding colors and fonts to create a clear hierarchy.

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

Engaging Product Section & Resource Center

We created made an extremely information heavy product page and resource center more engaging by using graphics such as icons, illustrations and backgrounds to direct more eyeballs down the page and encourage conversion.