Dinah’s Crypto Chronicle

A Simple Cryptocurrency Membership Website that Helps Investors Succeed

Legal Web Design

Our Client & Challenge

We first met the founders, Dinah and David, in San Francisco in mid-2020. They wanted to create a subscription website that provides cryptocurrency investment advice to fill a niche market and help novice investors navigate the complexities of cryptocurrencies to grow their wealth. Dinah and David were both very decisive and responsive so we managed to name their company, design their logo, write their content, design their MailChimp newsletter template, and launch their e-commerce website for them in two short months.

Website Features

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

A Minimalist, Fast-Loading Checkout Optimized to Perform

We created 3 simple membership plans with a simple Paypal checkout that can be completed in just a few clicks to maximize conversion.

logo design & corporate identity for law firm

An Engaging Newsletter with an Interactive Table of Contents

We wrote, designed and developed a detailed and engaging newsletter with a clickable table of contents for a better user experience.