12 Proven Ways to Increase Website Sales and Leads


There are many simple ways to increase your leads and sales without a complete website design. Generating traffic is only half the battle because leads and sales are what really keep your business alive. Clear calls-to-action, compelling content, and fast loading website are just some of the easy ways we will discuss to convert more of your visitors into customers and significantly grow your company.

Effective Calls-to-Action

A call-to-action tells your visitor what to do next such as “learn more” or “buy now.” They should stand out from your website and be clear about what you are offering. Link buttons and position them above the fold. Linking may sound like common sense but we have seen plenty of calls-to-action that are just plain text. Every page and post should have a relevant call-to-action.

Fast Loading Time

The majority of web users expect a website to load in under 2 seconds and they tend to abandon a website that does not load within 3 seconds. Some tools we use to optimize website speed include Google Page Speed Insights and Pingdom. Some tips increase your website speed include optimizing images, minimizing plugins, enabling compression, minifying javascript and CSS and installing a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache.

Original Photography

You should always invest in a professional photographer if your budget permits. Remember that people buy people not the service or product you are trying to sell. Stock has a very cliché and generic look that severely lacks authenticity. Professional photography can take your marketing and sales to the next level by showcasing your business in its best light. The big brands spend a fortune on custom photography because they know it works.

Custom Video

An effective video will captivate, entertain and educate your target market as long as it is professionally made and properly reflects your brand. If your video is recorded with your iPhone of you talking the entire time, it will push your visitors away. Learn more about how to create a promo video for your website.

Compelling Scannable Content

No one reads websites anymore so your content needs to be easy to scan. Create a visual hierarchy with headings, subheadings and iconography and use tons of bulleted lists. Website content is most easily digestible written at an 8th-grade level. Your body copy should be at least 16px with 150% line height and 45-85 characters per line for optimal legibility. Write headings that highlight problems and benefits of your target market. Here are more tips on how to win over your prospects with convincing content.

Instill Urgency

Limited time or scarcity can be very effective in convincing prospects to buy.

Here are some ways to create urgency by limiting time:

  • Starting next month, we will no longer be accepting new customers.
  • The deadline for registration is December 31.
  • In 24 hours, this deal will expire.
  • Order this product within 48 hours and get a special, value-packed bonus.

Here are some ways to create urgency by limiting quantities:

  • There are only 20 spots left! Grab yours now!
  • There are only 10 items left in stock!
  • We are only accepting 25 students in February.

Simplify Forms

Each field in a form forces your visitor to spend time answering it so the shorter the better. Ensure that your questions are concise and absolutely necessary. If they are downloading a whitepaper and you are asking for their phone number, they might wonder if you are going to send marketing texts. Always think about what your users will be thinking when they enter details into the form. If the data is not completely necessary and you cannot provide a reason why you need it, get rid of it. Asking for less information up front can significantly increase conversions and you can always ask for additional information later on once you have connected with them.

Establish Credibility

If your visitors trust your website, they are more likely going to buy. Including video testimonials is a great way to instill trust and confidence. Mentioning awards, accreditations, rave reviews on Yelp or a huge Twitter following will also help to make your visitors feel comfortable doing business with you.

Free Trials & Incentivized Referrals

Free trials are effective because most customers forget to cancel or find out that they cannot live without the product or service. Paying for referrals can get expensive if you are unsure that they will convert. One way around this is to offer referrers product or service upgrades for referrals which was how Dropbox and PayPal got their big breaks.

Exit Popup

Most visitors who leave your website will never return so there is no harm to prompt them with a popup when they attempt to exit. Exit popups could offer a time-based discount, reminders that they still have items in their cart, or a special deal for subscribing.

Live Chat

Contrary to popular belief, live chat is not just for ecommerce websites. Live chat can improve customer service and loyalty, provide faster resolutions to problems, reveal customer pain points and reduce phone support expenses. Olark offers some great live chat options with free trials.

Check Google Analytics

Once you have implemented some of these tips, you should check your Google Analytics data for improvements. Google Analytics is a great way to understand what keywords your visitors are searching and where they are entering and exiting your website. You cannot manage what you cannot measure so here is a helpful post on how to track conversions with Google Analytics.